Sarah Crawford

Restoring Balance to the
North Carolina General Assembly

I am dedicated to common sense solutions and restoring a voice of reason to the North Carolina General Assembly, which is why I ask for your support in this election. Through a combination of education and experience, I understand the importance of being a voice for the community. I have carried this responsibility heavily throughout my career in nonprofits and government having dedicated my work to serving people. I will bring that same passion, drive and commitment to being a voice for the families, children and businesses of Wake and Franklin Counties.

As the mother of two young children and a graduate of Wake County Public Schools, I am particularly concerned about education. During the past year, the legislature has done serious damage. Teachers are underpaid and under appreciated. Class sizes are becoming too large. We cannot afford simply adequate public education. As a mother, my children are my most important investment. As a state, we must invest in each child so that they have a chance to succeed. We need a new direction.

My father is a former autoworker and my mother is a teacher. They moved to Eastern Wake County in 1992 because of the opportunities that North Carolina offered to our family. I am dedicated to working every day to make sure that the same holds true for my children and the many more like them. North Carolina has always been thought of as a place for opportunity – a state where business, government and education work together to benefit everyone. We need elected officials who will fight for that now.